Snegir (Three Minutes of Silence)

The battered seiner "Bullfinch" ("Snegir") is home to a gang of sea vagrants. They are all different, but there is something in common - the desire to take a richer catch, earn money, return home alive. Two newcomers, Nikita and Maxim, become part of this world. Ice waves, hard labor on a rusty ship, tons of stinking fish and a team of grumpy losers - this was not how they saw this summer voyage. With a video for a blog, you will have to wait a little and keep your dissatisfaction to yourself. The sea is changeable, and the storm is not the main test that awaits the ship's crew.
2023, Russia, 117 min., 16+
Boris Khlebnikov
Aleksandr Robak, Timofey Tribuntsev, Evgeniy Sytyi, Sergey Nasedkin

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