Mystery Train

Таинственный поезд
Over the course of a single night in pale Memphis - the home of Sam Phillips' legendary Sun Studio - a vivid triptych of romantic Rock n' Roll pilgrimage; sad nostalgia; emotional Americana, and forgotten, decrepit places unfolds. Pivoting around the low-rent and almost dilapidated Arcade Hotel, the strange stories of four visitors unwittingly intertwine, as the aloof couple of Japanese teenagers - Mitsuko, who yearns to visit Graceland, and Jun, a sad-faced die-hard fan of Carl Perkins - arrive in the Tennessee ghost town, in "Far from Yokohama". Likewise, the recently widowed Italian, Luisa, who's come to town from Rome to take her deceased husband's body back to Italy, winds up in the same hotel, sharing a room with the garrulous Dee-Dee, in "Ghost". Then, elsewhere in the city during the same endless night, the neighbourhood's barber, Charlie, reluctantly goes on a boozy binge with the unemployed British immigrant, Johnny, and, eventually, they both end up in the Arcade, in "Lost in Space". Of course, the mystical aura of an eternal, 1956-handsome Elvis Presley haunts everything in this unforgettable night in Memphis. Is the King truly gone?
1989, United States, Japan, 110 min., 16+
Jim Jarmusch
Masatoshi Nagase, Yûki Kudô, Rufus Thomas, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Cinqué Lee
drama, comedy, crime
Awards & Festivals
Cannes Film Festival – Best Artistic Contribution; Nominee: Palme d'Or
Film Independent Spirit Awards, Nominee – Best Feature, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Male, Best Supporting Male, Best Screenplay

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