Fear Nothing, I’m With You

Ничего не бойся, я с тобой
The story is set in the USSR, in Leningrad of the 1980s. The wind of change has blown over the country, the streets are filled with different youth subcultures, forbidden rock has burst onto the stage and truth has appeared on national television. Three friends — Slava, nicknamed Easy Rider, a quiet graduate student Anton and soon-to-be diplomat Denis — hang out at secret rock gigs, “catch” the waves of Western radio stations, illegally sell rare vinyl records and dream of traveling to the homeland of their favorite music band The Beatles. In such an atmosphere they live, make friends and try to find happiness and love. Thus, Slava meets a beautiful stranger on the roof and falls in love with her right there and then. Anton secretly pines for Denis’s older sister Kritisna, who organizes the coolest secret gigs in the city, and Denis has a love affair with a ballet dancer, but he does not believe in their happy future, because his father decides to arrange a marriage of convenience for him with a professor’s daughter and to send him to England as a diplomat. After one of the secret gigs, the friendship suddenly begins to crumble as Denis's future wife turns out to be none other than the mysterious girl who conquered Slava's heart. The characters are faced with a choice: to be happy or to be successful, to remain true to themselves or to succumb to internal conformity, to live according to the pattern imposed by the older generation and society or to follow their own destiny.

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Album on Yandex Music
2023, Russia, 150 min., 12+
Vadim Michman
Anton Loban
Set designer:
Maxim Obrezkov
Julia Iva
Vladislav Tashbulatov
Mikhail Mironov
Julia Dovganishina
Dmitry Fedorov
Band "Secret"
Lighting Designer:
Ivan Vinogradov
Irina Kashuba
Vladimir Kisarov
Costume Designer:
Tatiana Noginova
Musical director:
Evgenii Zagot
musical, theatre production

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