Отважный Бим и пернатые колокольчики
Bim follows the extraordinary story of three innocent little ones: Bim, Bommel and Pi, who embark on a dangerous journey to collect the magical elixir indispensable to end the winter season. The elixir makes one unusually strong, so it's a dangerous journey with dark temptations on unknown territories. Although Bim may not be the fastest or strongest one yet, it soon turns out that he is very creative. This is how the friendship between the bells grows during this special adventure on their way to Rome...

On Easter Eve, the church bells leave the temples and gather together to compete in agility and courage. The winners will have an extremely important mission - a trip to Rome for a magical elixir that awakens spring. Luck smiles on the young bells of Bim, Bumblebee and Pi. Before delivering the magic trophy, they will have to fight with a dangerous rival Aurora and a gang of cow bells.
2023, Belgium, 78 min., 6+
Tom Van Gestel

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